We have sent listeners a message notifying them of the deactivation, along with ways they can download their current list of shows. You can let them know that the instructions to do this are located in the FAQs linked from our website, Stitcher.com.

We highly encourage you to use your platforms - via your podcast and any other way you communicate with your listeners - to let them know of this change. Including a message in upcoming episodes is likely the best way to do this. Be sure to do it near the start of an episode, but a reminder at the end is never a bad idea, either. You may also want to include it, temporarily, in your show description or episode notes. Other examples include dedicated social media posts and newsletter updates. 

If you use the “Listen on Stitcher” badge or other Stitcher logos/branding on your website or other locations, it should be removed. Any content that links directly to Stitcher should be updated as well.

Lastly, be sure to add your podcast to Creator Connect, a part of our parent company, SiriusXM, which will help you easily gain distribution across more podcast platforms with millions of listeners, like Pandora.