Now you can get notified when your favorite shows come out with new content! 

To turn on push notifications:

  • Go to Settings

  • Click on New Episodes Notifications

  • Enable notifications by toggling on “All Followed Shows” or you have the option to toggle on the specific shows  you’d like to receive notifications from

    • If you don’t see the option to enable notifications, this means you aren’t following any shows. Please follow the shows you’d like to receive notifications from and they will then appear in this menu.

Additional information:

  • For existing users at time of launch, notifications will be disabled and will need to be turned on in Settings to use.

  • For new users this is will be automatically enabled and once a show is followed, notifications will start. This can be disabled in Settings.

  • Settings for show notifications do not sync across all devices and is device specific. Please check your Settings on each device to ensure you have notifications enabled.

  • If you are currently logged out of the Stitcher app, you will not receive show notifications. You will need to be logged in to receive show notifications.