The default settings for Android 9 and above prevent Stitcher from using battery power while in the background. This may cause playback to stop whenever you are not directly interacting with the app, for example, while the lock-screen is visible. 

To prevent this, try turning off the battery saver on your device.

If the problem still persists, please adjust your device Settings as follows*:

    • Go to your device Settings
    • Select Apps & Notifications, or on some devices Application Manager or Apps
    • Find or search Stitcher
    • Select Battery
    • Allow the Stitcher app to use battery in the background
You may need to "Allow background activity" if disabled
    • Allow the Stitcher app to optimize battery usage
You may need to whitelist Stitcher by adding it to the "Apps not optimized" list
*These directions may differ depending on your current version of Android OS